Meet Sarah, Our Founder

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah. Some things about me:

  • I spent my early career working in public radio and cultivating a sultry NPR voice (lol)

  • I live in rural northern New York, where I have a LLAMA. Yes, you read that right: a living, breathing, spitting llama.

  • I have eczema and have recently written a lot about it, including telling the internet about how I got a totally freaky case of boob herpes

I decided to start Skin Stories because I couldn’t find a place on the internet where you could hear directly from people with chronic skin diseases who are living full lives—and all the challenges, triumphs, and wisdom that entails.

I hope you sign up for our newsletter and enjoy the many stories we’re planning to share. Please send me an email at if you’d like to be featured!

The more we share our stories, the more we can change the dominant narrative around skin. Remember, all skin is good skin, and you’re living proof.

Sarah Harris